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+ Fish Roe derived Marine PhosphatidylSerine
+ Krill derived Marine PhosphatidylSerine  

MarinePhosTM-PS is a marine phospholipids origin, natural PhosphatidylSerine(PS), which is covalently compounded with marine Omega-3 fatty acids. Owing to the phospholipid backbone, which connects the two functional molecules, ECA makes it a reality that MarinePhosTM-PS has higher bioavailability and remarkable synergistic effect than individual molecule of Omega-3 fatty acids, vegetable PS, or their physical mixture.

By taking MarinePhosTM-PS, consumers can expect positive effects on Dementias, Alzheimer’s disease, age related cognitive decline, ADHD management and other brain and mental activities.

MarinePhosTM-PS is developed & produced with the latest enzyme technology under cGMP facility, and is ideally suitable for use in dietary supplements, functional & medical foods.

Available forms of MarinePhosTM-PS
+ Fish Roe source, 35% Omega-3-PS (20% DHA, 10 EPA), oily liquid
+ Krill source, 10% Omega-3-PS (8% DHA, 15% EPA), oily liquid

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